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Environmental Monitoring Systems & Sensors

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Main ImageRLE's unique, reliable and patented monitoring solutions enable businesses to immediately lower their operating costs and protect their critical infrastructure equipment such as HVAC systems, UPS, battery banks, generators, PDUs, and switchgear. RLE provide advanced products, technologies, and solutions for reliable, cost-effective, "user-friendly" monitoring, including patented water leak detection technology and web-based monitoring and alarm notification.

Falcon Environmental Monitoring Systems & Sensors

RLE's Falcon lets you know What's Going On within your mission-critical facilities and equipment through real-time monitoring, alarming, and control of your physical and environmental infrastructure. It incorporates monitoring, multi-protocol alarm notification, control, and data logging into one robust package.

  • One integrated view See different cameras side by side with physical and environmental parameters.
  • Shared knowledge Not only does the fire alarm notify the fire station, but all the stakeholders get
  • In-depth view Get the machine intelligence - not just summary information, but detailed moment by moment data, if you desire.
  • Remote access Look up information about any equipment being monitored anywhere, anytime, and also acknowledge alarms remotely.
  • Early Warning Find out about impending problems before they occur by setting different thresholds and configuring notification alarms.

When compared with other monitoring alternatives, the Falcon provides unmatched value, convenience, capability, flexibility, and  expandability.

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The Falcon is used to monitor equipment status and summary alarms, temperature, humidity, water and gas pressure, flow levels,  security sensors, gas & smoke detectors and much more. The monitored information can then be accessed as a web page and is also SNMP manageable. Once user-defined thresholds are exceeded, descriptive alarm notifications are sent via SNMP, email, and/or alpha numeric messaging devices over network and/or direct dial out. Users can check the status of equipment, acknowledge alarms, turn

 equipment on or off, or even lock and unlock doors from any computer through an Internet connection or through dial-in access. IP links allow images from up to ten IP cameras to be viewed and can also be used as links to other IP/URL addressable devices or equipment. In addition, keypad integration allows the Falcon FMS to be used for access control.

The Falcon can operate as a stand-alone system (without additional installation or integration costs) - requiring no external PC or software to function. The Falcon is also "integration friendly" so that it can interface in a simple and straightforward manner with existing Network Management Systems (NMS) that accept SNMP traps, as well as Building Management Systems (BMS) that communicate via BACnet. By adding appropriate internal expansion cards, the Falcon can be expanded to accept as many as 104 inputs or to provide as many as 34 relay outputs. The Falcon can accommodate digital dry contact (NO/NC, form "C"), 4-20 mA, 0-5VDC, 0-10VDC, and Modbus I/O signals.

Falcon Accessories & Sensors

RLE provides a variety of sensors and accessories that integrate into the Falcon to provide you with a "one stop", pre-integrated, pre-tested solution. The Falcon FMS and Falcon LITE provide 24VDC to power sensors and accessories. The most common Falcon sensors and accessories are listed below. For other specialised sensors and accessories to address your unique needs, SET can put together a complete solution because of our established relationships with other manufacturers.

Temperature/Humidity Sensors

  • A must for sensitive environments
  • Choose from temperature only or temperature/humidity models
  • 4-20mA outputs for easy integration
  • Local LCD display available


Gas Sensors

  • Detect the presence of volatile vapours
  • Hydrogen detectors are the most popular
  • Range of other gases detected including carbon monoxide, heating gases, refrigerants & others.

Smoke Detectors

  • Photoelectric smoke detector
  • Communicate with the Falcon through dry contact input
IP Network Video Camera

IP Network Video Camera

  • Live view of a facility from anywhere, anytime
  • Seamlessly integrate into the Falcon
  • View image on same web page as other Falcon monitored parameters
  • Leverage existing local networks
  • Up to five cameras can be integrated with each Falcon
Keypad Access Control

Keypad Access Control

  • Use Falcon to control access to facilities
  • Ideal for both indoor or outdoor applications
  • Commonly used in conjunction with a Magnetic Door Sensor
Keypad Access Control

Current and Voltage Transducers

  • Available in different amperage and voltage ranges
  • Dry contact or 4-20mA outputs
  • Single or three phase voltage sensors
  • Common monitoring applications: transfer switches, motors, tower lights, and more

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