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Security Pouches
Super Strength opaque/2 toned co-extruded HDPE or LDPE material which is high impact and tear resistant. Matt white panels for spirit based ballpoint pens to write on. Specially designed closure of the bags to allow the mouth of the bag to be completely covered and shut by the tamper evident security tape when sealed. This provides a more tamper resistant closure than the conventional folded flaps
.Tamper Evident Labels
TE labels provide you with a physical evidence of tampering by revealing a hidden message if the label is peeled or removed and it is an excellent deterrent to theft as any attempt of entry will be made known instantaneously by the revealed "VOID" message. These labels are heat and freeze resistant.

Plastic & Wire Padlock
Designed for use on drums, luggage, bar carts and can be used as secure key rings.









Alucast Seal Tool


The NL-1 was designed as a replacement for lead seals. Designed for and tested by the U.S. Government, the NL-1 is the most secure seal available. Polycarbonate & kevlar construction designed to last more than 20 yrs. The Kevlar wire is molded directly into the seal for greater security. Contrasting locking mechanism and clear body show immediate evidence of tampering. Individually numbered and stamped.

Alucast Dies
When used with wire, the Alucast seal is the ideal replacement for hazardous lead seals. Once crimped, the Alucast provides a more secure seal than softer lead seals. Approved by all branches of the US military for use on ammunition containers and equipment. Once crimped, wire cannot be removed without being cut or destroying seal.

Alucast Seal Tool
Sturdy, compact tool. Special hardened inserts placed at points of greatest wear. Optional embossing available on both sides of seal press.




A4 Bag

The reusable A4 Document Bag is specifically designed to secure confidential documents and sensitive information.


C23 Bag

The security bags are locked with an individually marked security seal which ensures high tamper evidence.

Security Bags

The Security products are tamper-evident and secured with the world's leading proprietary sealing and locking technologies. The patented TEBCo range of chambers guarantees that confidentiality breaches will be easily identified via its tamper evident system.






C30 Bag

The standard bags are made of PVC backed nylon. This material has a special 'rip-stop' feature, which minimizes the risk of accidental cuts from tearing the bag further.

C40 Bag

The PVC material is flame retardant and water resistant.


Note Bag

The head and the end of the zipper is fully enclosed in the locking chamber when the bag is sealed as standard in the bags.






Key Bag

The standard bags can also be made in other materials such as Codura and Plastolene.

Utility Bag

A clear window for sender/receiver information is only accessible form the inside of the bag. The window is made from clear vinyl and is ultrasonically welded on the bag.

Top Opening Cash Bag

The locking chamber on the bags is riveted in 4 places. All rivets are hidden inside the bag and inside the locking chamber, which make them inaccessible from the outside.







Till Bag with Handles

The bags can be individually printed with company name and/or number for easy identification.


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