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InexZamir LPR Technology

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LPR technology identifies a vehicle using its license plate only. Since every vehicle carries a unique license plate, no external cards, tags or transmitters need be issued to vehicle owners in order for their vehicle to be recognisable. INEXZAMIR’s technology is based on unique image capturing and proprietary image processing software, LPRware.

“All-in-One” LPR system

InexZamir Introduces the first “All-in-One” LPR system, the Lane Controller is a fully integrated LPR system including an imaging sensor with LED based near-IR illuminator, processor containing the InexZamir's LPR engine and the unique Virtual Vehicle Detector.

InexZamir uses its electro optic capabilities to design and manufacture a unique “All-in-One” unit. This unit, positioned beside the traffic lane or gate, will create the multiple images per vehicle needed by the LPR engine to achieve the ultimate recognition results.

The Lane Controller unit is designed to produce the same image under all ambient light and weather conditions.


The procedure:

  • The Vehicle approaches and the imaging sensor recognises it from the moment it enters its field of view. The Lane Controller’s sensor can take more than one image per vehicle, an ability that increases the recognition rates.
  • The image is processed in the Lane Controller’s built-in processor. The license plate is extracted from the image, and the digits are separated and recognised.
  • The license plate number, together with the image and event information, is stored in the Lane Controller which can also send the information to third party systems and/or activate dry contacts  (for barriers, alarms etc.). 

For network applications the license plate number can now be transferred to a host system, via standard communication protocols (TCP/IP, RS-232, RS-485 etc.). The InexZamir system includes multiple relays for controlling external devices such as gates, signals and signs, drawn from data entered into the InSignia Console program.

The InSignia Console management software was developed by InexZamir in order to facilitate access control, security and recording applications. The program contains parking lot and gate databases, authorisation databases, terms and limitations of authorized users etc.

Zamir's LPR engine

InexZamir's LPR engine

The heart of the system is the recognition engine. Although LPR technology is font, shape and colour sensitive, InexZamir developed a learning mode that allows the engine to learn almost any new license plate type with minimal resources.

InexZamir's LPR engine is constantly being updated to recognise license plates from various countries.


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