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SET has partnered with the pre-eminent Global providers of Security Access Control and Environmental monitoring technologies.

Contronics Automação was founded in 1995 with the firm purpose of becoming a world leader in the manufacturing of Guard Tour Systems for the security access control market. Committed to product excellence, Contronics offers reliable, high quality security access control solutions in Australia, which meet the most stringent international quality criteria. Based in Brazil, Contronics is currently present in over 25 countries.


RLE Technologies is a leading provider of water leak detection systems, gas leak detection systems and web-based monitoring solutions for mission-critical facilities. Since 1984, RLE have sold over 3 million feet of water leak detection cable and more than 10,000 monitoring systems to data centres, computer rooms, telecommunications sites, clean rooms, and remote (unmanned) sites.




Traka are one of the world's first electronic key security access control manufacturers. Traka’s range of electronic key cabinets control who may take a key, which keys they may take and automatically records each movement, by date and time, both on the key cabinet and on the support software. Traka also manufacture a range of electronically controlled modular lockers that control who can access each locker and that automatically audit every locker accessed. The lockers use the same Traka electronics used to manage the Traka cabinets. Both Traka security access control products can be networked, and integrated with other third party security access control or data management systems.


INEX/ZAMIR has been supplying proven ALPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) technology for over fifteen years. They are the technology resource that organisations around the world recognise as the real solution and service provider for their most demanding applications. The INEX/ZAMIR software and hardware offerings effectively capture license plate data and other information from passing vehicles in real time at anytime day or night. INEX/ZAMIR can provide the necessary tools for the successful integration of captured license plate data with your application or can provide customised, turnkey solutions tailored to meet your needs.




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